My Story

Treva’s catering doesn’t aim to be the biggest,  fanciest, or the hippest caterer, - just the right creative, personal, service-oriented caterer to serve up fantastic food for your gathering. My career in the restaurant industry  has spanned for more than 30 years. During those 30 years I have worked in all aspects of the restaurant Industry. I owned my own fine dining restaurant, Table Ten in Fullerton CA, for 15 years. There I was the chef,  bartender, and dishwasher. From that experience I garnered the knowledge to be a well-rounded chef and host.Now my intention is to bring these skills to catering, with a broad array of foods not usually associated with catering. Not only am I going to enlarge  the scope of the menu, I bring a true understanding of what it takes to make each client receive a special catering experience. The emphasis of what I do is a marriage of fine food and service. To ensure that these two things take place I limit the size of each event to 100 guests or less.This web site contains a large menu of food and desserts that I prepare, but I encourage you to bring your own ideas making your event your own.


Please call and we can work together to cater to your needs!